Responsible production and selected raw material give rise to flavors of excellence

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Olive Oil Bom Sucesso

Concepts that combine tradition and an innovative vision bring an unparalleled sense of responsibility and quality to the brand.

Created with love for tradition, the Bom Sucesso brand has been rooting its activities in a solid and sustainable way.

Thus, Bom Sucesso’s vision is to leverage its activities and consolidate its brand in the Northern market, providing catering establishments and warehouses in a continuous and profitable manner.

It is our mission to continue to produce and supply products of excellent quality, guaranteeing customer satisfaction and the feeling of consumer confidence.

Bom Sucesso has always stood out for its activity based on values ​​that we are very proud of and that accompany the brand in all phases of its activity.

Among these values, we highlight sustainable cultivation with respect for the environment, production and packaging that respects the raw material and that avoids waste and degradation of the environment and a policy that encourages the use of agro-ecological techniques.

Seriousness, transparency and a taste for good service are also premises that we take very seriously and that characterize us, which stimulated the strengthening of the relationship with the client.

Experience, dedication and qualification are the essence of the quality of our products, which, prepared by the hand of experienced and qualified professionals, surprise the consumer for their quality and difference.

Taste of Generations

With over 30 years of experience and lessons from more than three generations, Bom Sucesso Olive Oil offers an experience of unparalleled flavor.

Bom Sucesso Olive Oil – Former teachings promote the quality of now!

Where does the secret lie?



Sustainable olive cultivation and olive oil production methods that respect the product and the environment around it.



Final product with intense, aromatic and striking flavor, providing an amazing taste experience.

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