Unified by vision and love of tradition, the Azeite Bom Sucesso brand is already a reference in the market due to the quality and taste of its products.

It was in 1954 that the Bom Sucesso brand took its first steps through the hand of the current Manager’s father (Fernando Pedroso) who, with commitment and passion for this area of activity, opened doors in its first warehouse of 75m2 in Lugar do Bom Sucesso, in Vila de Prado.

It was the year 1960 when it transferred its facilities in the same municipality, increasing its storage area to 200m2.

With hard work in the distribution of Olive Oils and Oils to pitcher, conquered the market a little throughout Minho, which gave rise to a system of society and expansion of its products that ran until the end of the 80’s.

With the agglomeration of large areas, from the 1990s, the previous company was dissolved, with the brand being given to Fernando Pedroso and another partner.

In 1999, the company Sequeira Pedroso Azeite de Portugal Unipessoal, Lda, emerged. which, with a family nature and teachings passed down from generation to generation, consolidates its activities in packaging, import, export and distribution of oils and olive oils.

With the main purpose of supplying restaurants and warehouses, Sequeira Pedroso Azeite de Portugal Unipessoal, Lda. has in its trademark Bom Sucesso an archetype of quality, taste and tradition, values that, incorporated with experienced professionals and an innovative vision, have established the brand in the Minho market.

To this day, the brand has maintained its activity, providing numerous establishments and innovating in its image and in the development of technological solutions that complement brand recognition.



With a more familiar character, the company starts its activities in the olive oil trade in Barcelos.


In 1929, the company moved its activities to the Village of Prado, where it remains to this day.


All activities related to the sector start operating under the éide of the Azeite Bom Sucesso brand, with a period marked by the expansion from 1954.

Since this stage and to the present day, the company has gathered its efforts and competencies not only in the expansion and consolidation of the brand, but also in the investment of fully automated labor processes.


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